Welcome to 2:15 Farms

Welcome to 2:15 Farms

Welcome to 2:15 FarmsWelcome to 2:15 FarmsWelcome to 2:15 Farms

About Us


Why 2:15 Farms?

We were ecstatic when we purchased  our home.  Not only was the house perfect for our growing family, but we immediately recognized that the property offered us the opportunity to start a small farm.  It was literally like our personal Garden of Eden.  As such, we decided to name our farm 2:15 Farms after Genesis 2:15, which says, "The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it." 


About Us

2:15 Farms was started in 2020 by Curt (left), Melissa (right), Elijah (middle), and Abigail (born 2/10/20!).  Originally from the Midwest, we are passionate about food!

We love Jesus, spending time together as a family, and sharing meals with friends.  


Think big! Start small.

Melissa would tell you that I (Curt), tend to dive in head first... sometimes without looking to see how deep the water is... or if there's even water in the pool... LOL! So this time I decided to take her advice and start small with our farm.  If we can make it work, we'll scale it up!  Our goal is to supply the Gig Harbor area with sustainably grown, Farm-to-table fresh produce. Stay tuned!

Contact Us

We're just getting started but we'd love to hear from you!

Feel free to call any time!

2:15 Farms

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